The Advantages of a British Curriculum in Thai Schools

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The British Curriculum, also known as the National Curriculum, is renowned for its rigorous learning, promoting learning and self-discovery. There is a comprehensive approach to education that is accepted by people around the world. These are included in British school in Thailand that have many advantages that make many people want to send their children to study in British schools. What will there be? Let's see in this article.


The school has standards that meet the curriculum

Studying the British curriculum is based on the curriculum from England. Before opening a British school, it must be accredited by foreign standards to inspect first that the school being opened has educational quality, teacher quality, and the school environment is good and safe.


Promote learning to find yourself

British International Schools promote learning according to the British Curriculum by teaching students across age groups, with each age group having a tailored curriculum to provide them with an in-depth understanding of each subject. There are many subjects to study. You will know what subjects you like or don't like and be able to find your own preferences and things that you are good at through deep learning in each subject because the higher you study according to the curriculum, only study certain subjects that interest them and are good at them.


Cultivate students to be global citizens

Living with a large group of people requires responsibility towards oneself and society. The school will teach them to have public spirit, be able to adapt to others, and grow into quality global citizens.


Support learning outside the classroom

British schools have a holistic curriculum that promotes learning both inside and outside the classroom. Encourage them to focus on both academics and other areas such as music, art, sports, leadership and recreational activities. In order for learning to be balanced, we do not teach just one aspect.


Learning multiple languages

Studying at a British International school is mainly done by using English as the medium of communication because the students who come to study tend to come from many international backgrounds and are diverse. In addition to using English, studying with classmates from other countries. It may allow students to learn other languages from friends. The school also encourages students to learn other languages to use in their future work when they grow up.