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The goal of International Schools in Bangna is to create a standard educational system that will make other schools in every other place to look up to them as their role model. They've been able to achieve this by coming up, trying and implementing new things in their school curriculum or syllabus, all of which is a great added advantage for their students. You want to know some of these new things, here are some of them discussed below:

  • Creation of innovation classes

International Schools In Bangna noticed that there are lots of potentials in young ones that if it's nurtured well and properly taking care of, it's going to be very useful not only for such young individual but also the world at large, that's why they came up with the creative idea of innovation classes whereby all specially gifted students will be asked to do something with the special idea they have inside of them of which if it's truly unique and extraordinary, such students will be sponsored and asked to teach his colleagues who find such creative idea interesting as well. And really, these innovation classes have been able to make most students, if not all students of International Schools in Bangna to break out of shackles and limitation of bringing out the best they have inside of them.

  • Excursion or vacation to top universities in the world

Another creative new thing started by International Schools in Bangna is a sessional excursion embarked by the school to top universities in the world. They take their students to one top university at the end of each session exposing their students to the likely things they are going to meet after their education at the international schools and also to encourage some of them who are not probably serious with their academics to be serious so that they can do excellently well and be among those few people that will attend such top university in the world.

If you notice any great potential in any of your children and you want it to be nurtured, I boldly recommend International Schools in Bangna for you, please visit The American School of Bangkok.