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If you have moved to Bangkok and you are looking what would be for you the best international school in Bangkok that follows an American curriculum, you probably have heard people mention the American School of Bangkok. If you want your child to learn discipline, responsibility, strong moral values and integrity then you don’t really have to get any second opinion. This school encourages students to look out for each other so that by the time they leave ABS, lifelong friendships have been developed.

The American School of Bangkok has a motto “The School of Leaders”, appropriately named because apart from the outstanding academic program students follow, they learn equally important social skills, physical and emotional maturity, all achieved in a warm, safe and friendly atmosphere, conducive to happy students.

Not all students that attend the American School of Bangkok can speak fluent English but this school realises the importance of this international language in future tertiary education opportunities and beyond. They offer extra ELL support to student. This English Language Learning support is aimed at students who do not have English as their main language. The program helps them to progress to a level where they are successful and confident enough to rapidly adjust and move to the main-stream program.

Being mindful

Because it is vital to enhance the emotional, social intellect, leadership and character skills of students at ASB which is so essential in the worldwide marketplace, students are taught how they can learn via body and mind awareness, increasing their ability to assimilate information and perform at peak levels. Cutting-edge mindful education from highly qualified international teachers allows a student to reach their highest calling. From scientific findings on just how the brain operates, this school fosters important skills of students into the 21st century for career and academic successes. Students are prepared to creatively think, to be mentally agile and to be emotionally balanced. This “mindful” curriculum helps both students and teachers to improve on their capacity for attention, for concentration, to resolve conflicts and evoke empathy. This can often result in better student performance and better classroom atmosphere. American School of Bangkok’s motto is literally their word.
If you are looking for International school in Bangkok for your children please visit The American School of Bangkok(ASB).