Things to Do If You Want to Send Your Child to Boarding School in Thailand

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  • ภาษาไทย

Sending your children to a boarding school in Thailand is an important decision that must be made carefully. Especially when it comes to international schools, in order to get the best and quality school, choosing the right school for your child must consider many factors.


Research Boarding School in Thailand

Start by researching the many boarding schools in Thailand. By considering various factors such as curriculum, facilities, extracurricular activities, Teacher potential, school environment and etc. You may also look for schools with a good reputation and good reviews from other parents.


Visit Potential Schools

Planning a visit to boarding school in Thailand that you are interested in will give you a better picture of the environment your child will study and live in than just searching on the internet. You will see the scope of education, environment, facilities and school atmosphere. In addition, we got to talk directly with school administrators, teachers, parents, and students studying there.


Consider Curriculum and Language

You should consider how the curriculum offered at each school aligns with your child's academic goals and future aspirations. Additionally, consider the language of instruction. Although many international schools in Thailand provide education in English, However, some schools may also offer bilingual or Thai language courses.


Evaluate Support Services

Find out what support the boarding school offers especially to international students who require more care than Thai students, such as visa applications, consulting services, helping to adapt to the culture of Thailand. If it is a school where Thai is used to communicate, someone may be required to give advice during study.


Understand Costs and Financial Aid

The cost of tuition at a boarding school in Thailand can vary greatly from that of a typical school. Therefore, it is essential to understand the costs involved and the financial aid or scholarships available. Also consider additional costs such as uniforms, textbooks and extracurricular activities when budgeting for your child's education.


Prepare your child

Once you have chosen a boarding school in Thailand, the next thing is to make your children understand about studying in a boarding school because if the child resists, it may cause problems in studying. There may also be feelings of homesickness, so you must prepare your child's heart for this.


Sending your child to a boarding school in Thailand may give your child the opportunity to learn new things. Learn to take care of yourself and be more responsible for yourself. Upon completion of the course, in addition to gaining good knowledge, you will also gain friendships and insights into your own life. To attend a Thai boarding school, make sure to follow our recommended steps.